::IT Asset Auditing

Most businesses keep a poor record of what IT equipment they own and their failure to keep an accurate, up to date inventory of IT equipment and software can cost them money as their assets are often reported incorrectly, if at all!

You may have heard of companies offering fully automated software that can carry out a wall-to-wall audit in minutes without the need to manually check your assets. Sadly this software is only as accurate as the original records and cannot reconcile typing or human errors or equipment not connected to the network.

Our process of manually carrying out the audits is 99.9% accurate in reporting what assets you own, and their status and also allows us to pick up any anomalies that an automated audit will miss, unlicensed software for example. Our teams will audit whole offices extremely quickly, in or out of business hours and with no disruption to your working environment. This information will then be compared against previous data and presented back to you in your preferred format.

This audit process is particular effective when reconciling servers in a data centre environment for example. As many IT managers will know servers are moved around to perform diverse functions and during these moves and changes the records fail to be updated with new rack locations, server names and purpose, this can in turn lead to expensive equipment left sitting in a rack not being used at all as according to your records its being used for something else or in a worst case scenario it no longer exists!

Follow up audits are even quicker and more discrete due to the site knowledge we have already acquired.

Whether you require a global audit of all your IT assets or a spot check of just one, contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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