::Data Centre Cleaning

Your data centre or server room are probably the most mission critical area of your business. Most hardware failures within data centres are caused by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, static and dust, any of which can upset the finely balanced environment in which your servers and storage reside.

Temperature and humidity can be controlled quite easily, but ensuring a low level of dust and static is a different matter. You may have highly technical staff but do they have the tools and knowledge when it comes to reducing static in and physically cleaning a data centre? Your office cleaners may clean well but would you feel comfortable letting them loose around possibly millions of pounds of sensitive equipment in an environment they have probably never seen, let alone cleaned before?

A Dedicated Team

E-Locate on the other hand have a dedicated data centre cleaning team. They have cleaned data centres across the UK and Europe and their knowledge and expertise in this field are second to none. Most team members have held senior technical roles for some of the biggest companies in the world and all have been through extensive training in every aspect of data centre maintenance. From the initial inspection you can rest assured that your data centre is in the safest possible hands.

A typical data centre/server room clean will break down like this:

  1. Site evaluation – static readings taken – provide quotation
  2. Acceptance of quote – date arranged
  3. Technical cleaning team arrive
  4. Anti-static clean and vacuum of walls and ceiling tiles
  5. Anti-static wipe down and vacuum of all equipment, racks and cables
  6. Under floor cavity vacuum and sensor clean
  7. Floor surface wipe down and vacuum (striped if required)
  8. Anti-static floor treatment/restorer applied
  9. Final inspection – Static readings taken
  10. Job sign off obtained – proposed cleaning schedule and data centre report sent

All equipment, racks and cables are wiped down with an anti-static foam treatment that neutralizes the static build up and leaves an invisible protective coat. The vacuums used by our technical cleaning teams are industry standard and incorporate some of the latest anti-static and HEPA filtration technology to ensure your data centre is clean from even the smallest of particles. If your current floor is made up of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) tiles we are able to strip and recoat these with an anti-static finish which can greatly improve their life and effectiveness; if it is a non ESD floor we can clean it with an anti-static cleaner that gives it a similar quality to that of ESD floor tiles

Any Size, Any Time

No job is too big or too small for our team. Whether you have just one small server room no bigger than 100sq feet or several large data centres totalling well over 100,000sq feet we have the tools and resources available to clean it. We can carry out the clean at a time that suits you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When dealing with possibly millions of pounds of equipment and a priceless quantity of data its better to be safe than sorry, so contact E-Locate today and arrange a no obligation site inspection.

Should you have other data centre needs we have a network of preferred partners who supply a whole spectrum of services from data centre design through to installation and maintenance.

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